I’m sure there are many other exhausted students out there.  While on Prac. I started to feel like I was a dartboard with darts coming from all directions without warning.  It is a giant challenge to use effective behaviour management strategies, use new technology and stay on target with the lesson.

In week 1 I still did not know all the names of the 28 students in the class.  It would have been beneficial to have read the behaviour policy of the school prior to starting and have memorized names. To have already been familiar with classroom technology would have been a great advantage. (It is difficult to teach what you are unsure about yourself).

While some people are super organised and can multi-task, this does not come naturally to me and would require much training.  While teaching a lesson, there can be pairs of children talking, getting up to sharpen pencils, people knocking with messages at the door, the classroom telephone ringing to ask for medical students to come up to the office, students with questions, the classroom teacher evaluating performance….. and all the while I am supposed to be aware of what every student is up to.  Hmmm…………………..Mind-blowing stuff!

On the positive side, getting to the students individually and in small groups has been mutually rewarding and I can appreciate their unique personalities and learning needs much more.