Exhaustion, Exhaustion…week 2 of Prac. is over.  I would like to share some resources that have made a positive impact on Year 1 students.  There are two in particular.  The first one is an Australian site (skwirk.com.au). You can ask for a free trial for one week (link below).  The activities can be shared on the Interactive Whiteboard for whole class participation.  It covers learning concepts for early years in Literacy, Numeracy, Science, SOSE and there may be a few more.  The videos emphasise the main concepts in each subject.  I found Maths (What can be measured?), Length, Volume, Mass, Temperature particularly helpful and engaging for students.

The other site (which seemed to me to have some annoying voices) was a big hit with the children.  They thought the characters and voices were amusing and could remember the concepts in the video.  The site is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J4dMTJ-5hw.  I used ‘Why Rain Happens?’ as we were learning about ‘Clouds’. I heard that the videos are made by discussions with children about what is interesting to them and what sort of questions they may have about different topics.  The Indian accents seemed to add to children’s enjoyment.