After many sleepless nights Prac. began…after some initial observations on the first couple of days the teaching began.  Thanks to Donna for sharing that she was super nervous as well.  Sometimes it feels like I am the only one! I still am anxious but seeing the children engage in lessons and verbalise that they enjoyed the activities helps my confidence in some ways. The first lesson I took was a Science lesson.  The topic of clouds.  Due to the vast amount of sharing online I was able to access the type of material I needed to include for this particular class context.

My Mentor Teacher is fantastic with multiple, creative ways to manage classroom behaviour. She is both caring and firm.  The children recognize her methods and cooperate.  She uses an assistive technology device which serves as a microphone to get the children’s attention. She gives this device to me when I am teaching and I use this a lot.  It’s a great device if you have a quiet voice or are reluctant to speak loudly/shout which can be very emotionally draining and counterproductive.

Next week I will be teaching Maths (Measurement and Volume) and Science (The Seasons). Must get on with my lesson planning…

Thanks Donna for your posts: