Feel slightly reassured knowing that other students are wondering how they will manage classroom requirements (and keep smiling). I think one of the biggest challenges is behaviour management. There will be 28 students in my Prac. class. Hmm…quite a challenge! Thanks again to Mrs McKinty who posted an incredibly useful link to an article about 5 classroom Management mistakes.  I have unfortunately made all five of these mistakes and wish I had been more aware of these checks before I engaged in Pracs. prior to the present.  From personal experience, I can say it is true that not having clear expectations and procedures will unsettle the children and not dealing with little things can lead to an out of control behaviour in individuals. Children need to be reminded that they are responsible for their own behaviour and individuals held accountable to class disruptions (rather than a general class instruction). Unfortunately children pick up very quickly on any lack of confidence in adults and may start to take advantage. I think the hardest thing is to find a balance between being kind and being firm. Earning a child’s respect will require a balance of both.

The article blogged by Mrs McKinty can be found: