In relation to Amy’s comment I think that I have been thrown in the deep end from the beginning of this course.  I think the philosophy behind it is ‘no pain, no gain’ and I guess that in some way this is true.  It is the assignments that I agonised over the most that made the biggest impact on my learning (and this I will never forget).  While it is all part of the learning journey, it feels like constantly climbing a mountain higher and higher without having the opportunity to stop and touch the ground because the deadlines for work are constant and a mountain climber must keep aiming to reach the mountain peak.  Sounds like the life of a teacher – always busy, always coping with new challenges, changing programs, dealing with parents, school expectations, rules and regulations …..I have to admire them – they cope with so much!  I guess, like for all of us, the rewards come from seeing children become motivated to learn, doing their very best and succeeding along the way, enjoying the learning journey and feeling confident in their own abilities and having a healthy self-concept and self-esteem.