This is the first time I have used the Australian curriculum.

I am enrolled in a BECH, meaning most of, (in fact all for the past 2 years) of my assignments and work has been based on early childhood. Couple this with the fact that I work full time in early childhood and it’s easy to see why I am well acquainted and familiar with the EYLF, NQS and other relevant EC documents.

However, I am doing my prac in a K-2 class. Yep. Out of my comfort zone for me.

Taking this into account, I have done my assignment on a year 2 age group (apart from the added fact that ICTs are easier to incorporate into an older age group).

I think I have figured out the Australian Curriculum. And I think lesson plans are okay.

But that is the tricky part. My assignment could be great… or…

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