I have never thought Khan Academy was any more than a supplement to school Maths learning. Teachers who know their students, their particular misconceptions, prior knowledge etc. are in a better position to develop their students’ maths understanding. Students in the classroom or in an interactive online course benefit from the PCK of their teachers and construct knowledge through personalised learning under their guidance and supervision. Viewing a Khan Academy video can supplement this learning but cannot take the place of the teacher-student learning relationship in usual schooling. Knowing where to jump into a Khan Academy video can be challenging. I attempted to understand basic algebra through Khan Academy but I did not find it helpful. I learned much more when I asked a colleague to show me on the whiteboard. Learning this way, I could ask questions about particular steps throughout the process and he addressed common misconceptions before moving on to the next part of the process. When I watched the khan Academy explanation there was some assumed knowledge needed which I did not possess. I did pick up the overall idea from the video, but did not feel it helped me to understand the process.