Thank you for this comment about Literacy and ICT as this subject is still an upcoming one for me.  I was a bit nervous about the idea of using an interactive whiteboard while on prac. but David J. put some helpful information about interactive whiteboards on the EDC3100 Blog.  Even though there are suggestions that this technology will be replaced by a more advanced version soon, I am looking forward to giving this technology a whirl in the classroom.  It is pretty impressive and will ensure class activities are much more interactive that the usual sit at the desk type activities.  As it is a whole class activity it will also give children who may not know as much as some other students, the opportunity to learn from more knowledgeable peers (Vygotsky).

I have not used Movie Maker before either so that will be coming up for me in the near future. 

I will check out the IWB software from this website that you kindly suggested. Additionally, thank you for the excellent resources you have added to your diigo account to share with the group