While at primary school, I remember being presented with pages of Maths work to be completed. The pages were filled with equations and symbols, all in the same boring colour, and with no diagrams.  The thought of one day finding an image amongst the maths symbols became a dream of mine and I believe it would have helped me engage in the work.  Whenever I found interesting images and colours I was immediately interested in the learning content.

I don’t really see why people are so critical of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  He does not say that people can only operate in particular intelligences.  The theory says that people can operate in any of the intelligences but they may have a particular preference or learning style.  After all, isn’t that what teachers aim for – to differentiate learning to make it meaningful to all students taking into consideration their abilities, cultural backgrounds and learning preferences? Learning that is meaningful will relate to the child in their individual context.

I also think that IQ Tests that only measure linguistic and logical-mathematical abilities give an inaccurate and unbalanced view of a person’s intelligence. No doubt, IQ tests in non-western cultures would include other measures of intelligence as they value other types of intelligence. Holistic learning and teaching takes into account the whole person and measuring intelligence should also.