Hi – I am in my third year of studies at USQ  specialising in Early Childhood.  At present I work as a Learning Support Teacher Aide in Distance Education. I have weekly lessons online with about 32 Junior Secondary students who have varying social and emotional issues. It is a challenge to motivate and engage these students in learning sometimes but after building a relationship based on trust and acceptance, most of the students thrive and reveal what amazing and unique learners they are. Teachers should never underestimate the positive effect they can have on their students’ lives when they genuinely care!  While we set up Blackboard Collaborate sessions and use particular websites for learning, I know there is always so much more to learn about the programs we use. Sometimes the students know  more about the online tools and programs than I do but they are happy to share this knowledge and we share the learning journey and have fun.  I am looking forward to the new learning involved in this subject and the shared networks that are created.